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Most young children have a favourite bedtime toy they can’t bear to be parted from. But 8-year-old Natasha, from #Elvington near York, has a special toy called “BedLamb” who inspired her dad to... READ MORE

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Welcome to our magical world of The adventures of Bedlamb.  A child’s special toy, that they take to bed with them, and everywhere!  Until one day, Bedlamb is not just a toy, but THE toy.  At which point the thought of losing Bedlamb is enough for you to leave him at home. In fact, losing him would cause bedlam in your home! But wait a minute, what about poor Bedlamb? He doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun.  So when Bedlamb is left alone, he goes on some awesome adventures!

The first in the series, is Bedlamb and the Christmas adventure. To get access to a free downloadable digital flipbook in full colour of the whole book – yours free to keep, forever – please sign up to our newsletter below.

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